Photography has always been an interest; however, between the cost of film and development, and constant moving as a military dependent, I did not have the wherewithal to progress.  Eventually I sold all my equipment and pursued other hobbies.  Meanwhile, a career as a research oceanographer and instructor kept me busy.  The advent of digital photography rekindled my interest.  A call from my mother reporting an introduction to digital photography course she had just taken got me started.

My research interests involved water and sediment interactions, and the small organisms living in sediment.  Those interests carry over to my photography.  Small (macro) subjects intrigue me.  In addition, retirement permits traveling to interesting places.

Meanwhile, my images have received numerous awards:  Cabrillo National Monument membership cards featured my photo one year, photographs received Honorable Mentions at the San Diego Fair for four years.  In 2017 a macro smoke photograph won first in class at the San Diego Fair and an image of water spilling from a wine glass won Best Picture of the Year at the Professional Photographers of San Diego